Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bid for a Complete Set of ASHFALL Books

I just agreed to donate the first-ever complete set of ASHFALL books to the Indianapolis Public Library Foundation for their fundraiser this fall. This will include:

1) Either a signed advance reading copy (ARC) or signed manuscript of SUNRISE, the last book in the ASHFALL trilogy. It won't be available commercially until 3/17/2014.

2) A printed and signed manuscript of DARLA'S STORY, which won't be available commercially until November.

3) A rare, signed copy of ASHFALL from the first printing. These are not available any more, and go for $45 or more through rare book dealers.

4) A signed hardback of ASHEN WINTER from the first printing. You can't buy first printings of ASHEN WINTER in stores anymore either, but my publisher printed a lot more copies of ASHEN WINTER, so the first printing isn't as valuable as ASHFALL's first printing. Still, it's a cool thing to have!

The auction will go live sometime in October. Watch this space for info about how to bid.