Monday, April 29, 2013

Travel Plans!

I have trips upcoming trips planned to Oregon, Kansas, and Arkansas. In each case, someone is paying my airfare: Tanglewood Press to Oregon, the 20th Annual Literature Festival to Kansas, and the Arkansas Curriculum Conference to Arkansas. Why am I over-sharing here? Well, if you're with a school, library, bookstore, or taekwondo dojang, in any of those areas, you can book an author visit without paying ANYTHING for airfare if you're willing to choose a date that I'm in your area anyway. Please help me spread the word--pass a link to this post on to any librarians you know.

Part of one of my author talks
Here's what a couple of librarians have had to say about my author talks:

"Mr. Mullin is as dynamic and energetic as his volcanic subject. He thrilled Pierce students with a breathtaking summary of what his novel’s reluctant hero had to face in order to be reunited with his family during the worst natural disaster in American history. To keep the pace of his visit at high intensity, Mr. Mullin donned his taekwondo clothing and proceeded to chop several heavy construction bricks in half." --Ted Zagar, Media Specialist at Pierce Middle School.

"Thanks again so much for the fantastic writing workshops you offered to the students at Frankfort High School.  I have your broken cement blocks on display in the library and the students love them, they can't get enough of your book, and are so excited about the next one. Lunch with the author was a huge success and the students have thanked me over and over for including them in that experience.  You have a dynamic personality that really connected so positively with our students." --Jane Holden, Media Specialist at Frankfort High School.

For more information, testimonials, and details click here.

Anyway, here are the days and locations I'd like to fill:


I'll be in the Dalles/Portland area from 6/1 through 6/6. I have plenty of extra time to schedule more events during my stay in Portland. I also have family near Seattle and the Twin Falls, Idaho area. If you'd like to schedule a presentation before or after this period in Seattle, Boise, or Twin Falls, please email me ASAP.


I'm a featured author at the 20th Annual Literature Festival in Lawrence on 10/15. I'd like to extend my stay with extra events before or after the festival in that area or Kansas City, MO. Heck, I'd even drive to Omaha for Jason Beineke.


I'm currently scheduled to fly into Memphis for an event on 10/29 and out of Little Rock on 10/31. I'd love to extend that trip with more events in either city or points between.

Interested? Email me ASAP at mike.mullin.writer at gmail dot com. Thanks!