Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Thank You to Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania (Edit: and Georgia, New York, New Jersey, and Tennessee!)

School librarians all over the country volunteer their time to create state award lists. They work like this--students who read the books on the list vote to select each state's winner. As such, they're probably purest measure of teen appeal. I'm extraordinarily grateful that eight states (so far) have chosen to honor my debut novel, ASHFALL by including it on their award list. Whether I win or not, being included on the lists is a big deal because librarians all over the state order extra books, and, more importantly, more students read the books on the lists. So a huge thank you to:

Edit (5-26-13): Three new states have added ASHFALL to their ballots!

My heartfelt thanks again to all the school librarians in those four states and everywhere who work so hard to connect students with books. I deeply appreciate your efforts on behalf of students, books, and authors.

p.s. I offer free Skype visits and relatively inexpensive in-person school visits. If you'd like to schedule one at your library, school, or book club, see this page.