Saturday, February 11, 2012

Parenting by .45

I assume most of you have seen this video by now? It's shows a dad reacting to his daughter's ridiculous and profane Facebook rant about her parents by executing her laptop. Literally. With nine .45 caliber hollow-points. Two things I want to say in reaction:

1) I've observed that kids rarely do what their parents tell them to. However, they nearly always imitate their parents' behavior. So this fellow just taught his daughter that the appropriate way to deal with a problem is to aim a pistol at it and pull the trigger nine times. Yeah, I can't imagine ANY way that lesson could backfire. Can you?

2) If this dad had punished his daughter in some reasonable way and given her a hug, reassuring her that he loves her despite her behavior, would that video have gone viral? I doubt it.

Am I wrong? I hope so. Convince me I'm wrong in the comments, please.