Friday, February 3, 2012

Kick-Butt Book Marketing

A number of authors have written to me over the last few months asking for advice on book marketing. Rather than write a bunch of excessively long emails, I promised to write a series of blog posts on the subject. But of course I haven't. Instead I've been crouched in my revision cave, frantically perfecting ASHEN WINTER, the sequel to my debut novel, ASHFALL.

However, tomorrow I have to present on the topic of Kick-Butt Book Marketing for NiNoCon, so today I'm emerging from my revision cave to capture some thoughts to share with blog readers and conference attendees. I'm going to create a sidebar listing all these marketing posts for reference.

So, if I were one of my readers, the question I'd be asking now is this: Why should I care what Mike Mullin has to say about book marketing? (Actually, the question I'd be asking involves anatomically improbable acts performed while flying, and isn't appropriate for my blog, which is PG-13.) Three reasons:

1) A year and a half ago, I had never used Twitter, had no Facebook account and a dormant Goodreads account. Here's a summary of my social media presence today (2-3-12):

Network    Followers
Facebook              1,866
Goodreads            2,796
Twitter                12,889
Google+                4,128
Blogs                     1,500
Total                    23,179

Who cares, you ask? You're right. None of that matters. So....

2) I hold an MBA from Indiana University and worked in brand management in Procter and Gamble and Spectrum Brands for 5 years.

Big whoop, you say? You're right again. Here's the only thing that matters:

3) My debut novel, ASHFALL, has sold through its first two hardcover printings in less than three months. The ebook has frequently made various Amazon bestseller lists, despite being priced at $8.99. My goal for ASHFALL was to sell well enough that I could continue to write and sell my work, and I've more than met that goal.

Ultimately, the only metric that matters in a marketing campaign is sales. So in this series of blog posts and in the NiNoCon presentation, that's what I'll focus on--what do I think has and has not worked in generating sales for ASHFALL.