Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Not All Authors Are Trolls

Have you been following the Goodreads negative review kerfluffle? The Guardian has a nice round-up. There are two things I want to say in response:

1) Not all authors are trolls. We're a diverse group of people with diverse, mostly sane, reactions to reviews.

2) If you wrote a negative review of ASHFALL, thank you. Thank you for the one-star reviews. Thank you for the two-star reviews. Those of you who stuck the book out even though you didn't enjoy it and took the time to write a review did me a huge favor, and I'm grateful. I know reviews are for the reader, and you didn't write the one-star review for me, but still, thank you. All reviews help sales, even one-star reviews. For a full discussion of why, see this blog post.

Yes, this. (Image via Zazzle)