Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Three New Reviews

Ever since ASHFALL went up on NetGalley, reviews have trickled onto my Google Alerts at the rate of 1-3 per week. So I was surprised to find three this morning. They do a great job summarizing the range of reaction to my debut novel.

"I was enthralled and very impressed by Mike Mullin’s first novel.... Add [him] to the list of authors who have kept me up way too late reading their novels." BookDads

"A mediocre YA novel about the eruption of the supervolcano at Yellowstone which ticks off all the most clich├ęd tropes of the apocalypse novel as if working from a list..." rachelmanija

"Ashfall is so well written that you feel as if your are on the same journey as Alex, and it's scary. The pace is fast and the tension pulls you ever forward." The Write Path

Thank you to all the reviewers who have spent some of their precious time reading and writing about ASHFALL. I deeply appreciate it.